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Lights, Lux & Lumens, an LED lighting design and installation company was started by Robert Finn in 2014 to service the commercial business community by providing inexpensive LED lighting and controls for business owners.
Lights, Lux & Lumens is a proud member of the PG&E proficiency program known as: Trade Professional Alliance. This means we have taken and passed proficiency tests administrated by the utility. This allows us to receive projects to install directly from the utility as well as the ability to submit projects to the utility on behalf of our customers to receive rebates. We are also allowed to provide utility paperwork to our customers allowing them to get instant cash credit for rebate amounts without having to wait.
The cost of installation of LED lights is always a consideration for the business owner. A tremendous benefit to the business owner is the fact that since the cost of running LED lights vs traditional inefficient lights is so much lower, the installation of them takes on similar characteristics as an investment. For example: Say the current annual lighting bill of a business with traditional lights is $12,000. If through the installation of LED lights the annual bill is reduced to say $6,000, it can be said that the value of the installation has generated an annualized”return of investment” of 50% to the business. In this case the “pay-back” period is 2 years. No other expense is associated with the building improvements, such as installing new carpet, new furniture or painting provides the business owner “investment” characteristics.
Lights, Lux, & Lumens home base is in Monterey County. We also work closely with the utility in San Francisco, the East bay, Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties as well as the entire Peninsula and San Jose areas.
Our Customer base equals in the hundreds and include such large clients as the San Jose Convention Center, various Shopping Center, Museums and entire office campuses. We Also work with medium and small business owners and their places of business such as medical, dental and veterinarian offices, many types of retail stores down to the corner coffee shop.


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